Prof. Mila Goldner-Vukov, MD, PhD

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist

Prof. Mila Goldner-Vukov, MD-PhD, consultant psychiatrist, member of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, individual, internationally certified systemic family and group psychotherapist.

Dr Mila Goldner Vukov was educated in Belgrade, USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. She created a school of systemic family therapy in Belgrade. She was a lecturer at the University of Belgrade, New Zealand and James Cook University in Australia. He is a professor at ECPD, Belgrade.
Dr Mila Goldner Vukov has extensive experience in the field of general psychiatry, perinatal psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry and transcultural psychiatry. She is recognized as an outstanding expert and lecturer. She leads the Seminar on Family Dynamics and Psychotherapy at ECPD, as well as many workshops in the field of family relations, positive psychology, perinatal psychiatry, transgenerational and intergenerational trauma, the roots of aggression and erosion of empathy, different faces of love and women’s well-being, as well as in the field of transcultural psychiatry and causes of suicidality.
Her special interest is the prevention of family problems through the education of young people who are preparing for the role of parents, as well as the prevention of suicide among young people.
She published a large number of scientific and professional works as well as books: “Family in crisis”, “Emotional life of modern man and drugs”, “Paths and detours of the family”, “And then the cinderellas laid money on the account”, “Look at me”, “Arrivals and Departures” – co-authored with Dr. Snezana Mijalkovic and “Snevanje” – “Dreaming”, a book published in the USA.

The last book she wrote “Parents, good morning” refers to family relationships and positive parenting, while introducing the reader to anthropology, mythologies, the development of parenting through various cultures, relationships at the family level, problems of abuse (physical, psychological and sexual) and how to achieve positive parenting.

She participated in numerous congresses and presented papers related to women’s mental health and transcultural aspects of suicidality.