Improving children’s and youth’s mental health through interdisciplinary collaboration at the international congress in Sarajevo

n challenging times like these, when young people are facing numerous challenges daily, the development of strategies to improve the mental health of children and adolescents becomes increasingly significant. There is a constant opportunity to initiate changes that can pave the way for a better future. In collaboration with leading experts, congress activities will focus on developing innovative and integrative therapeutic approaches and global preventive guidelines. Particular emphasis will be placed on the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, enabling professionals from different fields to jointly develop comprehensive and effective support strategies to improve children’s and youth’s lives. The health of children and youth is our collective responsibility, and together, we can create lasting changes. Join us!

Call for early registration and submission of abstracts

Dear colleagues and friends, We are delighted to confirm that the 3rd International and Interdisciplinary Congress of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy “THINK ABOUT YOUth” will be held in Sarajevo from October 3rd to 6th, 2024 at the Hills Hotel. The theme of our congress is the Reflection on Communication and Relationships in the Health of Children, Youth, and Families: Therapeutic Approach. We extend an open invitation for registration and abstract submissions for the "THINK ABOUT YOUth" Congress 2024.

About Congress

Aligned with the action plan of the World Health Organisation until 2030, UNICEF’s strategy until 2025, and the UN’s sustainable development goals, the 3rd THINK ABOUT YOUyh Congress is dedicated to promoting preventive and therapeutic approaches for children and young people. In cooperation with leading experts, we will focus on the development of innovative and integrative therapeutic approaches, and global preventive plans and integrative therapeutic approaches. Our desire is to create understanding and care together, where the exchange of ideas and knowledge contributes to building a safer world for every child. Join us in creating a world that values and protects the mental health and well-being of our children and young people, empowering them to be active participants in their communities and society.

In light of the Third Congress

Sarajevo is set to host the Third International and Interdisciplinary Congress on Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy at the Hotel Hills from October 3rd to 6th, 2024. This prestigious event will bring together experts from diverse fields and regions to delve into, exchange experiences, and deepen discussions on crucial topics related to the mental health of children, adolescents, and their families.