Prof. Dubravka Kocijan Hercigonja, MD, PhD

Congress President

Prof. D. Kocijan Hercigonja, PhD-MD, neuropsychiatrist, subspecialist in child and adolescent psychiatry. After 45 years of service, she retired, but continues to work especially with children at the Kocijan/Hercigonja Polyclinic, which she founded, as well as at faculties, various associations, and today as the honorary president of the European Association for Integrative Therapy of Children and Youth-EIATSCYP, founded on March 5, 2010. by 11 European countries, and in Croatia on February 11, 2012. began education with the participation of experts from the UK and France.
During her work at Jankomir Psychiatric Hospital, today Sveti Ivan, where she worked until 1983, she founded the department for autism, the first in this part of Europe, together with the parents of the Center for Autism. During that period, she founded the school in the child psychiatric department.
During the war, she was an advisor to the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the holder and organizer of a psychosocial program to help victims of war. She organized, together with prof. Knezović, a network of assistance throughout Croatia, especially assistance to families and children, and such a program was accepted in Europe as a unique assistance program.
In the period from 1991-1995, she worked at the “Klaićeva” Children’s Hospital, where she founded the Center for Metal Health, which is still functioning today.
In KB Dubrava, after 1995, she was the organizer and head of the national Center for Psychotrauma and the referral Center for disorders caused by stress until her retirement.
She completed the education of a mental health specialist in integrative psychotherapy in the UK and, after completing her education, began to conduct education in integrative psychotherapy in Croatia, for which she received the title of laureate at the First Croatian Psychotherapy Congress.
She is the president of the first and second International Congress of Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, under the slogan THINK ABOUT YOUth, organized by BHIDAPA in Sarajevo.
As an expert, she was invited to numerous meetings in the country and abroad.