Dželila Mulić-Čorbo

Member of the organizational and program committee

Psychologist, EAP family systemic psychotherapist and supervisor

Born in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she finished primary school and secondary medical school. She obtained the title of graduate psychologist at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Sarajevo, Department of Psychology. She continued her education with a specialization in family systems therapy, organized in Belgrade, Serbia by the Association of Systemic Therapists of Serbia. She received the European Certificate in Psychotherapy (ECP) from the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP). She continued her training in the organization of EMDRuBIH and Trauma Aid UK, and she became an EMDR practitioner. She is also being educated to work with secondary trauma. She completed a supervision program in family systems therapy at the Institute for Family Therapy in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and becaome an supervisor.  She is currently attending an education in Shema Therapy organized by the Shema Therapy Center from Belgrade, Serbia. She is a member of the educational team of the BHIDAPA Training Institute in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She is a participant in numerous national and international educations, congresses and conferences, as well as a member of professional bodies (EAP, EFTA, SPUBIH, BHIDAPA, USPIT, DPFBIH, EMDRuBIH). She is a board member of the Association of Psychotherapeutic Associations in BiH (SPUBIH).

For 15 years, she has been continuously working as a mental health educator and consultant for local and international organizations (Save the Children, UNICEF, USAID etc.). She worked with women and children survivors of violence at the Safe House in Sarajevo, and actively participated in the development of the Strategy for Combating Violence 2021-2027, organized by the Gender Center of B&H. She also works as a supervisory support to psychotherapist, psychologist and social workers. Together with Save the Children, she has developed a community mental health program for the well-being of Day Care Center employees working with children from deprived families, street children and parents which is implemented in B&H and Montenegro. She continuously works as an educator for professional associates in schools, social work centers and institutions that work with families in which domestic violence is present, as well as families in which crises are present (developmental and non-developmental crises).

She currently has a private therapy practice in Sarajevo. She works with individuals, couples and families.