New information and ideas of experts from our country, countries of the region, Europa and the World, through plenary lectures, round tables and workshops, will describe a series of preventive modalities, educational, therapeutic and rehabilitation activities aimed at protecting children and their families.

Presentations will be organized through:

Plenary lectures (scientific research and theoretical bases, questions and answers)
Round tables (experiences of experts during the pandemic, questions and answers)
Workshops (practical demonstrations, interventions and guidelines for work and treatment, questions and answers)

Theme of day one: Pitfalls of new environment – mental health and psychosocial wellbeing in children

Theme of the day two: New approaches to mental health protection during the Pandemic

Theme of the day three: Are we empowered for the Covid reality - Creating timely and flexible support systems for children, families and communities - What have we learned and what can be useful in the post-pandemic period?